Sock Hop popular in night before Car Show

       The annual Good Times Car Show in Old Colorado City focuses on classic old cars. Playing off that theme, the Historic District Merchants of Old Colorado City (HDM) put on a new event this year, the evening before the Car Show, a “Sock Hop” that focused on classic old rock 'n roll.

Dancers, some dressed in '50s styles, move to a recorded song from that era during the Aug. 14 Sock Hop in the Old Town Plaza parking lot on the eve of the annual Good Times Car Show.
Westside Pioneer photo

       So it was that as twilight gathered in the Old Town Plaza parking lot at 25th Street and Colorado Avenue Aug. 14, the songs of Elvis Presley, Jackie Wilson, Jerry Lee Lewis and other musical names from the 1950s blared from a deejay's sound system. A hundred to 150 people dropped by during the roughly four hour event, Nancy Stovall of the HDM estimated afterward.
       Some came dressed in '50s styles, with varying numbers getting out on the pavement and dancing. Other blasts from the past included hula hoops, root beer floats and several old-time cars - some early arrivals for the Aug. 15 Car Show - which added to the atmosphere and also were functionally useful by blocking off the parking lot entrances.
       "I definitely think we'll try to do it again next year," Stovall said. "Some people spent all evening and enjoyed it. They came up and thanked us for doing something local and fun."
       Even though the Sock Hop may not have been a money-maker (Stovall half-jokingly said that aspect was "based on how many people bought burgers"), the HDM sees it as promotionally helpful. "The '50s were kind of a popular era for a lot of people," she said. "We're looking for baby boomers. That's our demographic, and this fits in with what they like to do. It's also in conjunction with the Car Show, and it's good, clean, innocent fun."

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