Some calming projects completed since 05

       While the Westside's 17th Street and Broadway projects never quite reached the construction stage after being selected for the city's Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP) in 2005, eight calming projects elsewhere in the city (including Holland Park) have been completed in that time.
       Here is information on those other projects, as provided by Kristin Bennett, the NTMP coordinator:
  • 3rd Street and Mesa Avenue - selected 2003; tested in 2005 and constructed 2006.
  • Orchard Valley Road - selected 2005; completed 2008 (project done outside the NTMP due to higher-than-typical accident history and minor arterial road classification).
  • Bayfield/Oak Creek Drives - selected in 2006; construction of a portion of their neighborhood traffic calming plan - two treatments completed after Colorado Springs Utilities line maintenance work and one completed by a developer. Remainder of project has been cancelled due to the NTMP elimination.
  • Applewood Ridge Circle - final construction elements of the larger Erindale neighborhood traffic calming plan (selected 2002; construction in 2004 and 2005).
  • Westwood Boulevard - final construction elements of the larger Garden Ranch neighborhood traffic calming plan (selected in 2001/02; construction in 2004 and 2005)
  • Big Valley Drive - selected 2003; tested in 2004 and constructed in 2005
  • N. Prospect and Arcadia Streets - selected in 2003; tested in 2006 and constructed in 2007
  • Holland Park Blvd. - selected 2006; constructed 2008 (trail crossing feature with Utilities and Parks projects) and 2009 (remainder of plan).

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