New water lines the plan for torn-up 21st

       A major Colorado Springs Utilities water-line project will slow traffic along South 21st Street, probably for another month.

The jaws of a backhoe open to drop dirt from into the bed of a dump truck Sept. 7 during the early stages of Colorado Springs Utilities' water-line replacement project on 21st Street. Photo looks north.
Westside Pioneer photo

       The affected area, about a third of a mile, is between Lower Gold Camp Road and Busch Avenue.
       Getting started this week, the work is replacing a 42-year-old, 16-inch-wide water transmission line that's been prone to leakage, according to Dave Grossman of Utilities.
       Actually, two new lines will be installed under that segment of 21st Street. One will be a 20-inch-wide pipe that will become the new transmission line; the other will be a 12-incher that will service the businesses there.
       “We think we can get done by early October,” he said.
       Transmission lines typically do not have service lines attached to them - they are high-capacity pipes that carry treated water from one main location (such as a pump station) to another. However, in this part of 21st, the line has been providing both functions, Grossman said.
       The project will probably mean occasional, brief times without water service for the businesses along 21st between Lower Gold Camp and Busch Avenue, but the plan is to put in a new line before the old one is taken out, so that the transmission line - whose cut-off would impact a large portion of the Westside - will remain operational, Grossman explained.
       Also, both the street's lanes should stay open throughout the project, although occasional flagman stoppages of one side or the other can be expected.
       “It's a large project that should help the water capacity in the area,” Grossman said. “It shouldn't be too much of an inconvenience for drivers.”
       Despite the work, Utilities is trying to make sure businesses continue to have access from 21st. If there are any concerns about this issue, he advised calling the main Utilities number: 448-4800.

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