EDITOR’S DESK: No ‘recovery’ without a bouquet

       Economy this, economy that. It's hard to turn around without tight money rearing its ugly head. A side effect is the trespassing problem on top of the Bijou Hill. In plans submitted to the city and at a neighborhood meeting in 2008, the Pinery's representatives described an elegant locale for weddings and receptions. Neighbors had some concerns about noise, lighting and traffic, but in general they seemed relieved to have a presence on the hilltop again after years of neglect. The Pinery owners, based on a great response to the wedding event center they'd opened in Black Forest in 2007, were raring to go with a second such facility - especially one that sported great views of the downtown and Westside. "There's not a bride who wouldn't want to be photographed in this venue," one of the Pinery owners commented eagerly. Initial plans called for groundbreaking in the fall of 2008. Unfortunately, that was also when the economy caved in. And overnight the property no bride wouldn't love became the property no investor would touch. I know, the "experts" keep saying that an economic recovery (jobless or otherwise) started months ago, but try telling that to the Pinery and some other enterprises - such as Gold Hill Mesa, wounded (though not fatally) by the John Laing bankruptcy; the Roundhouse, unable to land a high-end restaurant because of current lending restraints; or the entrepreneurs hoping to redevelop the former Bijou School site on North Walnut, also reportedly in the same boat.
       Anyway, here's hoping things turn around. And if I might make a small suggestion, government guys... Can you cool it with the tax hikes and bailouts? Left alone, we small businesses can fix this economy, not you. We'll know it's right again when we see a blushing bride tossing a bouquet on Bijou Hill.

- K.J.