Egg Hunt, Charity Fair at Bancroft Mar. 27

       The annual Easter Egg Hunt event will have company this year.
       The sponsoring Old Colorado City Associates (OCCA) commercial group is planning a simultaneous OCC Charity Fair Saturday, March 27, also in Bancroft Park.
       Both will start at 11 a.m., with the fair lasting a couple of hours longer, until 3 p.m.
       The Egg Hunt itself will be handled differently this year, with each of the three age groups an hour apart - 11 a.m., ages 0-3; noon, ages 4-7; 1 p.m., ages 8-12.
       In previous years, all three would start at the same time, after which participants would crowd into the park's pavilion to trade in the prize slips inside some of the plastic eggs. But last year, with a different organizer than in previous years, the event got out of control and all the eggs were picked up by people who jumped the gun. OCCA volunteers were forced to round up backup candy and prizes to mollify 100 or more children who otherwise would have been left empty-basketed.
       “Not having all the eggs at once, we'll prevent that this year,” said Charlie Irwin, the OCCA president.
       This will be the second year the OCCA will have a Charity Fair - climaxing a March 22-28 Charity Drive in which needful non-profits from the area are pairing up with OCCA members to receive a share of their proceeds. Press releases from OCCA marketer Seiko Tran indicate that the fair will include 12 booths for non-profit agencies, costumed historic characters and “goodies and prizes” from about 20 area businesses.
       Last year the Charity Fair climaxing the event was not the same day as the Egg Hunt, and its activities, displays and booths were spread throughout Old Colorado City. But this year's fair is specifically situated in the park, with a total of 5,000 to 7,000 people expected for the two events between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., according to Tran.
       Putting the Hunt and the Fair together is as part of an ongoing OCCA effort to have a charity element in all its events so as “to raise awareness of charities on the Westside,” Irwin said. He added that the events would have been at the same time last year except that bad weather forced changes in OCCA's plans.

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