Cullen, small-business owner, announces as Republican challenger for House District 18

       Small-business owner Karen Cullen, a Republican, announced Jan. 9 that she is a candidate for the House District 18 seat currently held by term-limited Democrat Michael Merrifield.
       The Manitou Springs resident made the announcement at a reception in the Gold Hill Mesa community center that was attended by many of the area Republican leaders.
       Cullen and her husband, Jay Rohrer, own the Victoria's Keep Bed & Breakfast in Manitou and also operate Peak Network Solutions, a software consulting company.
       The only other candidate so far is Democrat attorney Pete Lee, who announced last fall.
       The primary election (if needed) to decide party candidates will be in August, with the election in November.
       The Westside Pioneer asked four questions of Cullen. The questions and her responses follow.
       1. From a personal standpoint, why are you running for this seat? I am a small business owner - I believe that our future is dependent upon the creation of jobs. Business creates jobs and that has been the foundation of our heritage. Too many people are without work.
       2. Are there any goals you wish to accomplish that are specific to HD 18? I would like to get our fair share of federal funding to support our infrastructure with roads, water and education. This will be difficult with our current deficit, but I will do my best to make sure that dollars are allocated for our community.
       3. Do you expect any other Republican challengers, or do you have endorsements to indicate you are the party's choice?
       I am not aware of any other Republican challengers at this time. I had a tremendous amount of party support at the announcement and I am hopeful to maintain the support throughout the process.
       4. In what ways will you be campaigning in the months ahead (door to door, rallies, press conferences etc.)?
       I will be attending local neighborhood meetings, council meetings, regional meetings and most of all knocking on doors to meet my constituents. They are the most important asset to the community and the campaign.

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