8 butterfly sculptures at 6 Westside locations

       Thirty large butterfly sculptures that have been on display around the city, including eight outside six Westside locations, are scheduled to be pulled down starting Sept. 10.
       Made and decorated by artists from the area, the sculptures were part of the Colorado Springs Rotary's third annual “Butterflies and Friends” project in cooperation with Imagination Celebration and supported by close to 50 business sponsors.

Butterfly sculptures on the Westside (top from left): “Comforting Caring Community”; “Kirkland’s Vibrations”; “Colorado Reflections”; “Pattern Within”;
(bottom from left):“Millefiori - Poppies”; “Vintage Springs Postcards”; “Springtime in Colorado”; and “Elemental.”
Courtesy of ArtandFriends.org, except Westside Pioneer photos of“Pattern Within” and “Elemental”

       Each artist started with a pre-made metal template representing butterfly wings.
       The goal is “to raise awareness and funding to ensure that children receive essential arts programs with the educational benefits that promote brain development, social skills, improved communication and effective learning,” according to the Butterflies and Friends website (artsandfriends.org).
       The pieces are to be sold at a Sept. 19 auction, with the proceeds donated to the Rotary Service Fund and two District 11 schools, including the Westside's Bijou School (alternative high school), to support programs for the arts.
       “We would use the money to directly benefit students,” said Bijou Principal Kathryn Presnal. “Depending on how much it is, we would use it for things like bus passes or maybe field trips to places we cannot now afford to take students.”
       The six Westside butterfly sites, with their respective artists and titles are:
  • Bancroft Park, Ani Rose Whaleswan, “Elemental.”
  • Garden of the Gods Club, Juanita Canzoneri, “Kirkland's Vibrations”; and Brigitte Reydams, “Springtime in Colorado.”
  • Garden of the Gods Visitor & Nature Center, Mia Lynch, “Millefiori - Poppies”; and Sarah Milteer, “Vintage Springs Postcards.”
  • Hunter-Wolf Gallery, Laura BenAmots, “Comforting Caring Community.”
  • Pine Creek Art Gallery, Julie Holladay, “Pattern Within”;
  • Squash Blossom, Don Goede, “Colorado Reflections.”

    Westside Pioneer/press release