Fountain Creek better than it looks

       The following e-mail exchange occurred this week between the Westside Pioneer and City stormwater engineer Lisa Ross
       Pioneer: Driving east on Highway 24, it is evident that the recent rains have at times pushed the creek out of its low-flow channel. At the eastern end, for 50 feet or so, the water even seems to have permanently detoured out of its channel. I've had a couple of our readers ask about this, and so we're hoping you can clarify what we're seeing there and if any warranty rework might be required.
       Ross: The low-flow channel is designed to take the frequent events. Larger events will flow into the floodplain.
       I believe the area that you are referring to on the east end is still in the low-flow channel with a large pocket wetland adjacent to the creek. There are several pocket wetlands that the flow goes into, and it may give the appearance of being detoured from the low-flow channel, but these areas are actually part of the design. Another visual point of confusion is that the erosion control blanket came up in this area but has not yet been repaired. This repair will be completed in the very near future.

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