Same perfect marks, different goals for top Coronado scholars

       They both earned straight A's throughout their four years at Coronado High School. But Iris McComb just edged out Peter Jaron as the 2010 Class Valedictorian on the basis of taking more honors classes (which count higher).

Top Coronado scholars Peter Jaron (Salutatorian) and Iris McComb (Valedictorian) display books reflecting their main interests heading to college.
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       The final GPA totals were McComb 4.77 and Jaron 4.76.
       The two have different types of futures in mind. McComb, who is interested in journalism and teaching, will attend Bowdoin, a liberal arts college in Brunswick, Maine, with plans to concentrate on political science or the romance languages; while Jaron, a prospective engineer, has been accepted at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, where he expects to narrow his focus between mechanical and electrical engineering.
       McComb, a Westside transplant, previously attended Steele Elementary and Holmes Middle School. Jaron, originally from Virginia, lives on the eastside and attended Coronado by choice.
       Here are responses to other questions that were put to the two scholars:
       What person/people do you credit for helping you attain your high level of achievement?
       McComb - “My mom (Valerie). She didn't push me into stuff, but she was very encouraging. She stayed up late with me when I was doing homework and helped me survive chemistry.”
       Jaron - “My parents (Linda and Thomas), and my teachers here have been very good, especially Mr. [Bryce] McLean and Mr. [Darren] Smith.”
       What was your most valuable high school experience?
       McComb - “My government class, taught by Buddy Hardwicke. The whole time I loved it.”
       Jaron - “Being on the Robotics team. It was phenomenal, a huge experience. It fostered my spark for engineering.”
       What's the secret(s) for getting good grades?
       McComb - “Doing all the small math assignments. It seems like no big deal, but at the end of the semester, if you have an 89.5, you see it can make a difference.”
       Jaron - “Complete everything, even if it's late. It's still worth doing. Do all the assigned work, because it all adds up. And try to keep a good work ethic while you're in school.”

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