Sustainability outcome a concern
       I've always found Kenyon Jordan's thought-provoking and challenging “Editor's Desk” column to be one of the best parts of the Westside Pioneer. His “Sustainable skepticism” column in last week's edition, coupled with the article about the Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments (PPACG) effort to develop regional sustainability goals, was excellent.
       A PPACG press release states that the organization is leading an effort to “create measurable regional sustainability goals for El Paso and Teller Counties” with the intent “to identify how individual, business, institutional and government choices can work toward a better future.”
       The phrase that comes to mind is “who died and left them king.” It appears that PPACG would like to determine our future, setting goals leading to mandates with quotas and likely rationing, in its drive for sustainability.
       When did personal stewardship give way to government-controlled sustainability?
       Good stewardship is about a personal moral responsibility for careful use of all resources. Count me as skeptical also because to PPACG sustainability is about control of resources by a small bureaucracy.
       Personal responsibility beats central planning and control.

Dick Standaert