Tenancy now seen in December for Stepping Stones

       Work is nearing completion on the replacement/ restoration of the 10-unit building at the Stepping Stones condominiums that was ravaged by fire Aug. 9, 2009.
       The current expectation is that tenants will be able to move in “around Christmas,” according to Paul Kavanaugh, president of the homeowners association for the multi-building, 80-unit condominium development west of 19th Street, near Uintah Gardens.

For now, the exterior of the newly built 8-unit portion of the 10-plex at the Stepping Stones sports a yellow color (the natural color of the exterior material). But it will eventually be painted to match the darker brown of the original two units.
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       The project is replacing eight units from scratch and refurbishing the two that were saved (but had some mold damage). The 10-plex had originally been built in 1983.
       “We're really excited to see the project being completed,” he said. “It will be nice to have our friends and neighbors back up here.”
       Kavanaugh and Doug Dirksen, the construction superintendent for the contractor, the Pelan-Cox Co., described a complex project requiring regular reviews from city, Regional Building and insurance company officials.
       Kavanaugh said the review demands contributed to the work continuing past the end-of-October time frame that was anticipated in June. “I was surprised at the amount of detail and the time it took because the buildings had to be brought up to current code and that involved a lot of redrawing of existing plans and getting them approved by different departments of the city,” he said.
       Current codes had to be applied in terms of sprinklers, firewalls and certain American Disability Act requirements, Dirksen said.
       The current yellow exterior color on the new construction is just the neutral color for the siding when it comes from the factory. Kavanaugh said it will eventually be painted to match the dark brown of the original building.

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