2010 Coronado graduate murdered

       Jack Smith, 19, a 2010 Coronado High School graduate, was shot to death in the 900 block of South 25th Street early Nov. 21.

Jack Smith

       Police officers found his body lying in the street just after 2 a.m. He had been shot once in the upper body with a handgun,
       A 16-year-old Colorado Springs boy has since been arrested on a charge of first degree murder, and has been placed into the Spring Creek Juvenile Detention Center, according to a press release from Sgt. Darrin Abbink of the Colorado Springs Police Department's Public Affairs Office.
       The youth's identity has not been released yet because he is a juvenile, although this could change if the District Attorney's Office decides to try him as an adult, Abbink added in a follow-up interview.
       The police investigation is ongoing and will take some time because it includes talking to “well over 40 witnesses who saw various portions of the event,” he elaborated. What police have found so far is that it was a situation that “escalated from verbal to physical to shots being fired.” Asked if drinking was involved, he said, “We're looking at that. The report is that this was a party.”
       No other guns appear to have been involved, although police are investigating if other crimes were committed in connection with the murder. Police have basically ruled out gang involvement. “There is nothing that indicates that,” Abbink said.
       At the hospital when Smith was pronounced dead, his father, John Smith, distraught at the news, broke some hospital property, and as a result police charged him with misdemeanor criminal mischief and took him into custody. He has since filed a complaint with the internal affairs unit. “He said that unreasonable force was applied,” Abbink reported.
       No court dates had been set for the murder suspect, but he is likely to be advised of his rights this week or next, Abbink said. The hearing will be closed to the public because he is a juvenile, the officer added.
       Smith had come to Coronado High during his senior year. “We are saddened at the loss of a Coronado graduate,” School Principal David Engstrom said, noting that grief counselors were brought to the school Monday, Nov. 22.

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