What do you do?
Bernideen Canfield

Where do you work and what is your title?
       Bernideenís. Iím the owner, and my husband, Keith, helps me run the store.
What do you do there and/or what are you responsible for?
       Whatever I need to do to keep the shop looking good and inviting. Besides running the store, I also restock, purchase (I work with hundreds of companies), and I blog. I also attend markets/shows in Dallas, Texas, which are so huge that the vendors are split up in several buildings. The vendors represent businesses and show the products that are available or new to the market. If itís something Iím interested in, I work with the vendor to set up an account and then order the product. Others are cash and carry. I also am responsible for the two employees we have; one is part-time and the other on call for special events that we have.
How long have you been doing this kind of work (total)? How long on the Westside?
       My first store was in Spring, Texas. Iíve been a retailer for 23 years Ė the last 16 here in Old Colorado City. We bought this building, the old Rogers Bar, in 2005.
What do you like best about it (other than quitting time)?
       I love working. I like doing a variety of things. Multi-tasking is fun. I cook and bake Ė oops, weight gain! Ė and include the recipes for my blog. I also do reviews of cookbooks and teabooks to include on the blog.
If you could change one thing (other than pay), what would it be?
       Not having to drive 14 1/2 miles to work!
What part of your work did your training/education never prepare you for?
       I started blogging about 1 Ĺ years ago to have something on the Internet to show to my customers and potentional customers. When I started blogging, I didnít know how to download photos in the computer much less how to blog. My current blog is about a year old. Although I have a website, the blog is personal, easier to maintain and update. I can reach people that are followers and live further away (Australia, Russia, U.K. etc.) and also reach customers quickly if I decide to have a last-minute sale.
What makes working on the Westside special?
       I absolutely love the Westside. When Keith and I moved here in 1994 I knew this is where I wanted Bernideenís to be!

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