COBWEB CORNERS: The house at 31st and Colorado

By Mel McFarland

       A recent Westside Pioneer news article talked about changes to a house I remember at the northeast corner of 31st and Colorado Avenue. It was the home, some sixty years ago to Earl James. I used to live in this block.
       Built in 1909, according to the Asssessor's Office, 3044 W. Colorado is typical of many little houses of the early 20th century in Old Colorado City. When my family lived in the area, Earl James had a gas station on the south side of Colorado Avenue. It was one of those little places with just a couple of pumps, a place to work on cars and get a candy bar and sodas. I do not remember if it even had a garage! Sometime in the mid-1950s, Earl added a bridge over Fountain Creek and opened a campground (still there today). I think it was when 31st was put through to US 24 and the expressway was built that the station was torn down. There were a lot of changes at that time.
       Next door to the James house was the Sullivan family: Hoot, Judy and their girls. Hoot had been a fireman and engineer on the Midland Terminal. By the time the intersection at 31st changed, they had moved up on 31st. Next to them was the motel run by the Hartley family. My family lived there one winter in the early '50s. The motel had some larger places with kitchens, and we lived in one of them, about where the Wendy's trash dumpster sits now! In the spring when tourists started returning, we found another place to live. Later we found ourselves living next door to Mr. Hartley's mother, farther east on Kiowa.
       The Sullivan house and the motel were gone by the time the expressway was built. That whole north side of the street from 30th to 31st has changed completely, except for the James house. Who knows what might become of it now, but it is a nice landmark to remember.