EDITOR’S DESK: Coronado: Stepping up for the parade

       Last September, when the shadow of liability-triggered regulations and increased costs was looming over the Coronado High School Homecoming Parade, I wondered in this little rectangle of space about the future of that colorful, zany annual event. “Die-hard alumnus Rick Johnson can donate the moon, sun and the stars - and to his lasting credit he seems willing to do so - and other school supporters might fundraise with great success, but if the students themselves are not ready to take on the added burden, the Homecoming Parade will not survive.” I ended my screed that day with the question: “How badly do you want your parade, Coronado?”
       Now here we are, six months later and, as readers of our Page 1 story this issue may agree, I think I've gotten my answer: Very much.
       The students have not only been participating in efforts to keep the event going, they have been taking the lead. Senior Tyler Romero seems undeterred about being the first (possibly not the last) student president to ramrod two parades (the second of which will occur after he graduates). In the meantime, a new process can be seen evolving, in which the school's junior-class leaders work with the departing seniors, and the fundraising is a constant thing. In some ways, it's an ungainly process, and certainly more work for the students, but in talking to them it becomes evident that the main thing is keeping the tradition alive. It's easy to forget as they get older and bigger, but many of the Coronado students walked or rode in that parade when they were younger and smaller, and they remember it with sincere fondness. In a time when high school parades elsewhere are falling by the wayside, it's nice to see our Westside kids bucking that trend.
       It's nice also that the costs aren't quite as high as feared last fall. Still, $1,800 is $1,800. Fundraisers are seemingly everywhere these days, but here's one that rewards the best spirit of our youth. I can't think of a better cause.

- K.J.