After annual election, OWN has 9 members on board again

       With two new people and one returnee stepping forward, the Organization of Westside Neighbors (OWN) board of directors returned to full strength at its annual election meeting Jan. 28.

New Organization of Westside Neighbors (OWN) board members are (from left) Bob Kliewer, Chad White and Brad Collins.
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       New members are Chad White (Area 1) and Brad Collins (Area 3), with Bob Kliewer (a former eight-year member) coming back after being off the board for the past five years.
       “I've been working on my house and I'm almost done,” said Kliewer, a retired postal worker. “So I will volunteer again.”
       White, a resident of the Crown Hill Mesa subdivision, works as a Realtor. A Cheyenne Mountain High School graduate, he's lived in the region since 1976.
       Collins is retired from the U.S. Army and lives in the one-time Arensdale area west of 31st Street. He works as a property manager and has lived on the Westside for six years.
       OWN has been a city-recognized advocacy group for more than 30 years, representing a portion of the older Westside that qualifies as a Neighborhood Strategy Area (NSA) - and is thus eligible for federal assistance - because of generally lower incomes.
       The new board members, who will serve three-year terms, join six holdover members (Welling Clark, Steve Bailey, Sean Chambers, Kristine Van Wert and Travers Jordan) to make a nine-member board.
       Under the OWN bylaws, three positions are at-large and six represent geographical areas within the NSA. However, the bylaws also state that if there is no candidate from an area, any board member can represent it.
       To make the available openings work within the bylaws for the nine individuals willing to serve on the board, Clark, the president, said at the meeting that he “tried to position people closer to where they lived.”
       The board assignments are as follows (with last year's representation area shown where applicable):
       Chad White - Area 1.
       Welling Clark - Area 2 (was At-Large 2).
       Brad Collins - Area 3.
       Steve Bailey - Area 4 (was Area 6).
       Sean Chambers - Area 5 (was Area 1).
       Terry Brunette - Area 6 (was At-Large 1).
       Bob Kliewer - At-Large 1.
       Kristine Van Wert - At-Large 2 (was At-Large 3).
       Travers Jordan - At-Large 3 (was Area 3).

       The board vacancies had resulted from the recent resignations of several-year members Bunny Blaha and Dick Strauch, who both stepped down for personal reasons, and from a year-long vacancy in Area 4.
       The board members will vote for their 2010 officers at the next board meeting Feb. 11 at the Westside Community Center, 1628 W. Bijou St., starting at 7 p.m.

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