New full-time summer teen program at West Center

       A full-time summer program for teens (grades 5 to 9) will start June 14 at the Westside Community Center and continue through July 30.
       For teens who sign up, the center will offer activities from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.
       It's the first time in recent memory the center has offered such extensive summer programs for that age group. The coordinator will be Denise Wade, the center's director of teen activities.
       Signups are being taken through June 8, according to center director Dick Siever. “Denise has got some fun things planned,” he said, including skating, bowling, swimming, movies. “The idea is to give parents teen care during the summer months,” Siever explained.
       The program cost is $75 a week. “That sounds like a lot, but if you equate it out, it works out to $2 an hour,” he said. The cost also covers any admission fees on field trips.
       Wade had previously been teen director when the center was run by the Colorado Springs Parks Department. The center is now being leased by an arm of the Woodmen Valley Chapel, which is continuing to offer most of the city programs, plus others.
       For more information, call 385-7920, or come by the center on weekdays at 1628 W. Bijou St.

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