EDITORíS DESK: A slug for each story

       One of the pleasant things about this column is that it's the last thing I write in the week. It's an opportunity to really think about the stories I worked on. It's not as if I don't think about them when I'm trying to pull them together; it's just that I think about them in a different way. Otherwise, it's easy to fall into the old news thing that can turn reporters into the worst kinds of cynics, even into hacks. So many of us come into the business starry-eyed, maybe thinking about Making a Difference, only to find from worn-out old-timers that the most important thing about a newspaper is meeting deadlines. I mean, a reporter could be typing up a story about the end of the world and (if it's a big paper), the desk editor would still want to know if the one-word "slug" for it is going to be "End" or "World." To which I, in order to prove my sensitivity, might insist on "Endofworld."
       So let's look at the stories we have on Page 1 this week, complete with "slugs":
       PANTRY - In taking over the Westside Community Center, the Woodmen Valley Chapel is creating an opportunity for Westside CARES to enhance its ability to provide emergency food assistance to the needy. The process reflects sincerity and courage by both parties.
       CREEK - A mostly government project, yes, but the individuals involved seemed to take their work seriously, right down to the distinction between wetland and dryland grasses.
       GARDEN - Sad, yes, but why? Because a few citizens took the chance of making things better for themselves and others, and fate seemed to be working against them. They deserve applause, or something like it, for trying hard, and maybe the garden will happen next year.
       FIELDER - This demonstrates a desire by the Bear Creek Nature Center (staff and volunteers) to raise money and offer folks here someone special. Good for them.
       APPLE - It's tough to determine the "best" teachers, but this is the best process I've seen so far. Congratulations.
       You see? Pleasant. And on deadline. So we'll slug it "Deadline." Hey, where's that sensitivity?

- K.J.