Why government seeks sustainability
       I really liked Mr. Standaert's letter written in last week's edition of the Westside Pioneer. It was a nice, fact-based assessment of the economic challenges that sustainable planning poses. I was shocked by Ms. Beasley's letter, which completely lacked any foundation in facts; it was all a bunch of conservative styled paranoid hysterics. It held no merit and I couldn't figure out how half of it tied together. What do the mysterious “socialistic government policies” mentioned have anything to do with the PPACG's plan for a sustainable future, and how exactly is it going to be the government controlling more than it already does? Give me facts! Give me information! Teary eyed reverence of a president's time past doesn't substitute for facts.
       I think the best part of this argument comes in the “let the market decide” segment. I'm down with that idea. Let's allow the market to decide. And since you hate big government so much, let's go ahead and take away the government's subsidy for coal and natural gas. That way, when it comes to renewable and non-renewable sources of energy, it'll be an even playing field.
       The bottom line is that the government is not trying to take away your rights to the pursuit of prosperity, nor is it trying to sap the American dream right out of your son. The government feels as though without measures put in place to help sustain our development and growth, your son won't have the opportunity to enjoy the prosperity you did a generation before his.

Tom Nelson