OWN looking at options on overlay

       Organization of Westside Neighbors (OWN) President Welling Clark hopes to meet with the city Historic Preservation Board (HPB) soon to help renovate OWN plans for an older-Westside historic overlay zone.
       In an effort that started nearly a decade ago, the group had developed a plan for a voluntary zone that would offer a tax- incentive “carrot” to people who upgraded older homes in keeping with historic guidelines. The only “stick” was a 90-day building-permit delay for those who didn't follow that process.
       But going into 2010, the city laid off its only planner with historic-preservation experience as part of balancing a tight budget. And, in a recent interview, the head of the city's Land Use Review department (Dick Anderwald) said he was unfamiliar with OWN's voluntary concept, is considering a reanalysis of the city's entire historic preservation strategy based on lower funding expectations in the future, and in any case does not expect any funding for new actions until 2012.
       OWN's proposed zone includes about 3,600 properties. The goal of the zone is to encourage residents to preserve older structures to help retain the character of the older Westside.

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