Scarecrows appearing in Old Town

       The first straw-filled creatures of the season began appearing in Old Colorado City this week. They are precursors of the 14th annual Scarecrow Days promotion/event, sponsored this year by the Historic District Merchants of Old Colorado City.

An early scarecrow this week was in front of Bon Ton's.
Westside Pioneer photo

       The official Scarecrow Days time frame will be Oct. 1-31. “Celebrity” judging of the creations will be Saturday, Oct. 2, with shoppers welcome to cast separate ballots for their favorites throughout the month.
       Based on past years, as the kickoff date gets closer, scarecrows will emerge in front of participating Old Town businesses, depending on how quickly their owners and/or staff find time to make them. All the scarecrows “should be out by the first of October,” HDM chair Nancy Stovall said. She wasn't sure how many there will be, but “we hope there will be quite a few on Oct. 2 for the judging.”
       Other features of Scarecrow Days will include a scarecrow-making competition for kids Oct. 9,“Spooky Stories” in Bancroft Park's Garvin Cabin Oct. 16, a coloring contest Oct. 1-24 and the 30th annual Halloween Safe Treats & Costume Contest Oct. 31.
       The Scarecrow Days kickoff date is a couple of weeks later than in past years; the HDM wanted the timing closer to the Oct. 2 date of the Giant Pumpkin Weigh-off, sponsored by the Old Colorado City Associates (OCCA) business group in Old Town Plaza, followed by a clear run-up to Halloween, according to Stovall.
       The OCCA used to bundle Scarecrow Days with the Weigh-off, but decided not to do both this year.
       For more information, call 633-6767 or go to

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