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8/24/15: New Horizons welcomes experienced and beginning musicians as 14th season starts

8/24/15: Proposed city 'sit-lie' law would put stop to sidewalk layabouts in downtown, Old Colorado City

8/25/15: Photo essay: What happened while the Fillmore/I-25 bridge was closed Aug. 21-24

8/26/15: Added trail workdays in September for flood damage in Red Rock Canyon

8/26/15: Boutique/gallery opens at 26th Street and Colorado Avenue

8/26/15: Westside Pioneer publishes next bimonthly print edition Sept. 2

8/27/15: Higher-ground relocations in reopened Foothills Trail through Garden; current surface temporary

8/27/15: Major volunteer project builds new playground for Westside Boys & Girls Club

8/29/15: Westsider, 19, surprises doctors with active life despite heart transplant as infant