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July 27th, 2006                   Your weekly news source for the Colorado Springs Westside -- Online Edition                    Volume 3, Number 29

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Pleasant Valley finally gets entryway: Sign, landscaping on 31st Street traffic island identifies neighborhood

Old Glory needs a permit: Bank's flags, 1972 sign among 64 violations in city sweep of avenue

Food, games at 6th annual 'Block-nic' in Bancroft Park

Founder fiddling depends on entries

City manager lets traffic chief overrule him on marked crosswalk at 24th and Colorado

EDITOR'S DESK: Is the stepchild being punished?

Meet a Westsider: Mary Wirkes

COBWEB CORNERS: Tribute to Ol' Byron

KFC contractor finds backup in city sewer main; problem contained

Hughes tells how he missed out on $1 million from Gold Hill

Victorian Heights goes back to Planning Commission Aug. 3

Running the Red Rock roundabout

Clinic for brain-injured proposed on Robinson Street

New owner's upgrades already in effect at Farm Crest store

Newsboxes still uncontrolled in Old Town

Natural history class at Nature Center

D-11 offers home school classes

Biz Buzz: Bargain Mart to move to Baker's site

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