Newsboxes still uncontrolled in Old Town

       Unrelated to the revocable permit issue (see story, Page 1), the Old Colorado City Security & Maintenance District Advisory Committee had asked the city this month to look for violations in the dozens of news boxes in Old Town.
       But to the disappointment of the committee - which believes that the willy-nilly assortment of boxes in various locations makes the area look blighted - Sue Matz of City Planning said this week that she found no violations when she recently checked on them. All the publications owning the boxes have revocable permits, and none of the boxes were blocking the right of way, she explained in an interview.
       A request to check on newsbox code violations had been made to City Manager Lorne Kramer when he attended a committee meeting in early July. Committee Chair Judy Kasten emphasized that this did not concern freedom of the press, but Old Colorado City's appearance to visitors.
       The committee has previously looked into “corrals” that might combine all the boxes in a neat manner, but such a solution would require a new city ordinance, district money and more time than the committee's volunteer members - all district property owners - currently are able to dedicate to the problem.
       Committee Chair Judy Kasten had hoped that the city might be as bothered as Old Colorado City by the problem and thus want to help solve it. She said she was disappointed to find otherwise. “The city could care less about blight,” she said.

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