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June 8th, 2006                    Your weekly news source for the Colorado Springs Westside -- Online Edition                    Volume 3, Number 22

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'A bad hair day'

Heimlicher pledges to lead any T-days fixes

Street show no go: Firefall concert now planned at Vermijo Park; debate exposes issues in granting event permits

Know the candidates: House District 18

Spectacular signups: Broadened marketing seems to be working for annual late-night bike ride in Garden of Gods

New upgrades at Red Rock

EDITOR'S DESK: Unspecial process for events permit

What do you do? Alicia Griggs

COBWEB CORNERS: Hunger-inducing memories

Letters: Concern about CDOT's 21st St. plans from Geraldine Kirkmeyer

Children's author set to read aloud at Garden Fair June 10

Adobe oven project at Rock Ledge (you could help!)

Biz Buzz: Two new marketing efforts in Old Town

Organic weed control to continue on 20 Bear Creek acres

Red Rock Canyon Open Space has... Happy neighbors

Peak paint event honors Pike, Western artists

Blues series, other live music at Bancroft Park

Relay for Life in A the B Park June 9-10

City, RTA street surface work underway on Westside

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