City, RTA street surface work underway on Westside

       The city and the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (RTA) have begun summer street surfacing efforts. Perhaps the most obvious project so far on the Westside has been the chipseal work that started last week on several streets, including the arterials of Mesa Road, Spruce Street, 19th Street, Uintah Street and Walnut Street.
       All the chipsealed streets are to be fogsealed (to bind the chips and keep them from flying around), according to City Streets.
       Here is a list of the work that has occurred or is immediately planned:

       Milling/overlay work:
       Cenotaph Cir. from Panorama Dr. to dead end.
       Cenotaph Way from Cenotaph Cir. to Cenotaph Cir.
       Panorama Dr. from Castle Rd. to Fontmore Rd.
       Queen St. from Castle Rd. to dead end.
       Castle Rd. from King St. to 30th St.
       Panorama Dr. from Castle Rd. to Fontmore Rd.
       Sage St. from Fillmore St. to dead end.
       Straus Ln. from Fillmore St. to Sage St.
       Parker St. from Mesa Valley Rd. to Fillmore St.
       Taylor St. from Chestnut St. to Straus Ln.
       Prestonwood Dr. from Melany Ln. to Chestnut St.
       Hangtree Ct. from Preston-wood Dr. to dead end.

       Chipseal work:
       Uintah St. from 19th St. to 30th St.
       19th St. from Uintah St. to Mesa Rd.
       Henderson St. from 19th St. to 20th St.
       20th St. from Uintah St. to Henderson St.
       Vermijo St. from 12th St. to 19th St.
       Walnut St. from Buena Ventura St. to Boulder St.
       Spruce St. from Colorado Ave. to Mesa Rd.
       Mesa Rd. from Walnut St. to dead end.
       In addition, 18 crosswalks and 8 stop bars were getting restriped thermoplastically (long-lasting plastic strips) on Colorado Ave. between 24th and 27th streets.

The Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority was formed when voters in Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, Green Mountain Falls and El Paso County approved a 1 percent sales tax in November of 2004. The maintenance work comes from 35 percent of the tax income.
       The following are the RTA “citizen hotline” numbers and e-mail addresses:
       Alleyways, 385-5934,
       Bridges, 385-5411,
       Curb and gutter, 385-5411,
       Pedestrian ramps, 385-5411, cityengineering
       Potholes, 385-6808,
       Resurfacing, 385-5934, streetdivision
       Sidewalks, 385-5411,
       Traffic engineering and operations, 385-5908, trafficeng
       Traffic signal operations, 385-5966, trafficeng

From a press release