Concern about CDOTís 21st St. plans

Editorís note: The following letter was dated June 2 to the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT). The Westside Pioneer was sent a copy.

       I am concerned about your proposals for the 21st Street intersection at Highway 24. I don't want any of the landmarks, businesses or houses destroyed in that area. I also want a full-access intersection there so the current businesses will continue to prosper.
       Most of the current and projected increase in traffic on 21st Street is due to new construction south of Highway 24 between 8th Street and 2lst Street. I think it would be helpful for the CDOT engineers to meet with the Gold Hill Mesa engineers to develop a way for traffic from the new developments to have full access to Highway 24 without destroying existing structures or impacting 2lst Street and 8th Street.
       A full-access intersection between 2lst Street and 8th Street with appropriate feeder streets would relieve a lot of the traffic at 2lst Street and make the drastic and destructive proposals suggested for 21st Street at Highway 24 unnecessary.

Geraldine Kirkmeyer