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Welcome to the new Westside Pioneer

       Hello! Glad you found us!
       When last you might have tuned in with the Westside Pioneer, we were a weekly newspaper, wrapping up its 10-year run with a final print edition Dec. 19. At that time (and up until Jan. 6), this website served as a support piece for the print newspaper, consisting of informational pages and story archives.

About two weeks before the Westside Pioneer's online launch Jan. 6, Rioux Jordan (younger son of publishers Kenyon and Therese Jordan and home from college for Christmas break) was photographed with a whiteboard as he helped with the development of the publication's online format.
Westside Pioneer photo
We spent time over the recent holidays revamping the website so it could become the presentation package for the “new era” of the Westside Pioneer. Our goal was/is to offer a publication that continues to focus on the news of the Colorado Springs Westside, but also takes advantage of the immediacy and accessibility of the Internet.
       As a quick usage primer, you can get to current stories in two ways:
       One is by scrolling through the headlines on the main page. Each one is a story link. Clicking a link will open that story (with one or more photos, if there are any) on a separate page.
       Another way is by choosing categories that interest you. The different categories are represented by the left-hand buttons below the banner on any page. (Note 1: A story that's on the main page will also appear on its appropriate category page.)
       The category pages with story links (not counting the Archives, which holds all our stories since the Pioneer started in 2004) are Community, Projects, Columns, Letters, Schools, Outdoors, Land, Politics, Business and Other. Clicking one of those buttons opens its page, and its subcategories appear as links at the top. So, if you were wondering if there was anything new in Westside road work, you might click on Projects to open its page, then on the Transportation subcategory. That moves you down the page to the Transporation heading, under which you'll find transportation-related story-link headlines.
       Note 2: There's no set amount of time for a story link to remain on the main page or a category page, but you can generally figure less than a month. After that, although the url (web address) will remain the same, the story link will be moved to the Archives.
       Advertising-related buttons are the right-hand buttons below the banner. Got a Card?, Restaurants, Classifieds and the Westside Community Center Flyer contain ads matching their category titles. Other ads can be found next to stories on the main page and category pages.
       We hope you enjoy our new website design. We've tried to make it comprehensive but also simple to use.
       Feel free to let us know what you think (but please be gentle!). And if you want to be added to our e-mail list, which notifies the people on it when we have signficant articles, you can do so by clicking here.

- The Publishers
(Posted 1/6/14; updated with photo, 1/18/14.)