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10/23/17: 2 musical groups to perform for CoatFest at Westside Community Center Nov. 4

10/23/17: 6th pumpkin prize for Sawtelle in increasingly popular OCC festival

10/23/17: Assistance League 'Fun Fair' for philanthropic programs at Shrine Club Nov. 4

10/23/17: Guided hike in Garden of Gods under the (nearly) full moon Nov. 4

10/23/17: Walkers/runners in bear suits welcome at Bear Creek Nature Center Nov. 4

10/24/17: LETTER: Bum problem much worse than 10 years ago

10/25/17: Trails opening at 'operationally complete' Cimarron/I-25 interchange

10/26/17: Leave Confederate statues standing, Union soldier's descendants urge

10/26/17: New landscaped medians a feature as Centennial reconstruction concludes

10/29/17: Info capsules on 4 ballot questions facing Westsiders in Nov. 7 election