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10/12/15: Who were all those colorful, dancing people on West Colorado Avenue the evening of Oct. 10?

10/13/15: Good crowd for first-ever Fossil Day at GoG Visitor Center; could become annual event

10/13/15: 28 Westside roads could benefit from 2C ballot issue passing; 2D includes Palmer Mesa Trail

10/14/15: COBWEB CORNERS: Blasting Ute Pass to make 2 lanes in the 1930s

10/15/15: Reducing feral cat population focus of Humane Society's spay/neuter day Oct. 21

10/16/15: Faced with opposition, councilmembers tone down, postpone sit/lie ordinance

10/18/15: Issue of grandparents raising their children's children topic of OCC Library talk Oct. 24

10/18/15: Old Colorado City has its biggest giant pumpkin ever in 11th annual weigh-off