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June 1st, 2006                    Your weekly news source for the Colorado Springs Westside -- Online Edition                    Volume 3, Number 21

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Probable crowd record at Territory Days

Old Town merchants group opposes new Colorado Ave. concert

EDITOR'S DESK: Just like downtown... not!

Meet a Westsider: Ricky Martinez

COBWEB CORNERS: Traveling shows

GUEST COLUMN: Growing a better land by Col. Randy Fritz

Garden Fair joins market opening

Westside politickin': Lord rally June 4 at Bear Creek pavilion

City Council approves parking rate hikes; OCC lots set for overlay in '07; Kasten rakes city for years of Old Town neglect

Kendo class starts at West Center; gear to be provided

Taking the 'duh' out of D-Day: Now Graven's SAIL students planning '07 trip to Normandy

Biz Buzz: Squash Blossom 'Red' opening June 8

Territory Days 'debriefing' June 6 at Gold Hill

Different paths for 2 Bijou grads, but both now looking forward to college

Failures for two county 'No Man's Land' funding efforts

Dear deer! DOW offers tips on 'proofing' homes near hills

PlaCo to hear lot-split appeal on property near Garden of Gods

'Existing conditions are unsafe for through traffic...'

Composting presentation at Beidleman Center

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