‘Existing conditions are unsafe for through traffic...’

       The following is extracted from the text of the failed grant submission by El Paso County Transportation for proposed improvements on land within the county (not in the city) in the 3400 to 3700 blocks of Colorado Avenue.
       “On this particular segment of the roadway, sidewalk, curb and gutter is missing. Utility poles are located within the right-of-way and the shoulder is minimal, thereby causing pedestrians and the mobility impaired to enter the travel lanes to reach their destinations. Stormwater is not controlled because of the lack of curb and gutter and becomes hazardous to motorists and pedestrians alike…
       “The existing conditions are unsafe for through traffic as well as those having an origin or destination within the area since motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians are competing for the same space. If the project is not completed, the situation will continue to be extremely hazardous for those using the corridor. An increased number of non-motorized trips may also be generated due to the upcoming Manitou Springs streetscape projects…”

Westside Pioneer article