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LETTER: Bums 'breaking our laws and nothing is being done'

May 11, 2018
       I recently read the Westside Pioneer article ("Council comments tilt in favor of proposed waterway camping setback law," at this link). Quite frankly, the comments in opposition to the proposed 100-foot setback from council members Skorman and Murray - and in particular councilwoman Avila's suggestion that the proposal is just “to appease all those hundreds of e-mails we get about campers on the banks” - just about made my blood boil.
       My family and I have lived on the Westside for about 24 years and counting, and what the city is allowing these bums to do to the once clean and beautiful Westside is sickening. I walk through Old Colorado City every morning with my father, and the amount of trash and filth from these bums/campers in and around OCC, especially along the Midland Trail, (which we no longer use because of the bums/campers) has grown rapidly worse since the ACLU interfered with our city's laws.
       I would challenge these three council members, along with those in the ACLU and other civil rights groups, to climb down from their ivory towers and walk the Westside streets and trails unannounced to witness what we, the tax-paying voters, get to put up with on a daily basis. As an example, there are piles of human feces and toilet paper in two places behind the Colorado Avenue Goodwill, despite the fact that there are portapotties less then a block away in Bancroft Park. They're still there as of this writing, as proof that providing them with portable bathrooms and showers is a waste of taxpayers' money.
       Also, look at the tent cities along the creeks, which you know they use as a toilet. Councilwoman Gaebler was quoted in the article as having seen this firsthand. Where do you people think the E. Coli and other human waste-related nasties are coming from?
       No wonder Pueblo and the EPA are suing the city over water quality issues, and we, the lucky taxpayers, get to foot the bill for the city's negligence and fear of the Big Bad ACLU. It's a travesty that these people are breaking our laws and nothing is being done about it. Is the city going to keep letting this go unchecked until we become like Los Angeles and other California cities, or will they finally listen to the people, grow a backbone and crack down on this problem?

       Elias DiFiore

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       Editor's note: The letter references an article in the Westside Pioneer about the city's proposed "road dieting" for a segment of Walnut Street. See article at this link.

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