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Bookstore finds new home on avenue

       A happy new chapter is unfolding in the Bookman story.
       Those who read the previous Westside Pioneer article (in the March-April edition) will recall that it ended in a cliff-hanger, with Arthur and Kelly Klipple, the owners of the 27-year bookstore in the Red Rock Canyon shopping center, needing to find a new location by the end of May.
       Specializing in used tomes, it's the only bookstore on the Westside, outside of the regional history collection at the Old Colorado City History Center.
       “We are overjoyed to find a new place to be,” Kelly enthused, reporting that the new address starting June 1 is 631 W. Colorado Ave.
       She credited store manager Steffany Boucher with spotting the “for lease” sign and contacting the landlords, long-time Westside property owners Dennis and Jeanie Sharon.
       Asked about the Bookman, Jeanie Sharon commented, “We're happy to have them. It's funny, I was just mentioning this to a couple of friends, and they said that's where they go for books.”
       Kelly elaborated that the store will remain open at Red Rock (3163 W. Colorado Ave.) until May 31, but books are already being transferred to the new address.
       The rent is far more affordable than what the Klipples have been paying at Red Rock, not to mention a 25 percent rate increase that would have taken effect in June, Klipple said.
       At just under 2,000 square feet, the new site will require “downsizing” the store's 100,000-plus book collection, which now fills tall shelves in the 3,000 square feet at Red Rock. But “that's fine,” Kelly said. “We have a lot of books with a long shelf life now. We'll be able to take advantage of this opportunity to go through what we have and move what we want to.”
       What will happen to the books that are culled? Numerous sales are being planned at the Red Rock location in the weeks ahead. “We'll try to get those books in somebody's hands,” Kelly said.
       No need for eatery to change its sign
       There's a new Susie at Susie's Westside Café.

Susan Light and her husband, Scott Johnson, sit in front of the counter inside Susie's Westside restaurant. Behind the counter, ready to take an order, is the eatery's long-time cook, Fredy Quevedo.
Westside Pioneer photo

       The breakfast-lunch restaurant at 1686 S. 21st St., which opened in 2009, has been owned and operated since November by Susan Light and her husband, Scott Johnson.
       The founder was Susan McGregor-Hrdlichka (pronounced herd LICH kuh), who has moved her focus to real estate.
       “We joked about it, having the same name,” Light laughed.
       Located near the top of the 21st Street hill, just north of Lower Gold Camp Road, the café is open daily, offering inside and outside seating and specializing in home-made food.
       Before buying Susie's, Light worked as a server at the long-time Mason Jar restaurant on West Colorado Avenue.
       Light credited Mason Jar owner, Tim Payne, with teaching her about restaurant management. “He trained me how to run the back of the house,” she summarized.
       The Mason Jar was also where she and Johnson met six years ago. He was a fry cook.
       After getting together, the couple started thinking about a restaurant of their own. In the meantime, they ate regularly at Susie's.
       “We fell in love with the location,” Johnson said. “We're Westsiders ourselves” (him for 34 years, Light for 20).
       Then one day, the duo asked Hrdlichka to let them know if she ever wanted to sell the business. Johnson recalled the founder's reply starting with, “As a matter of fact…”
       The couple took over after a transition period in October. Light oversees the food preparation, her husband the ordering. Two of the previous employees remain, including the cook, Fredy Quevedo.
       Hrdlichka said she enjoys real estate - she's had a sales license since 2006 - but admits to mixed feelings about leaving the restaurant she started. “I miss my customers and employees, but I was just getting burned out and tired,” she said. “It's hard work.”
       Her real-estate phone number is 351-8242.
       Urban farmer biz moves down avenue
       Buckley's Homestead Supply, which offers services and supplies for urban farmers, recently relocated to 701 W. Colorado Ave..
       The new site “has much more space in the retail area, which allows us to expand current lines of products, as well as bring in brand-new items,” explained Allison Buckley, who founded the business six years ago with her husband Ed.

Buckley's Homestead Supply owners Allison (right) and Ed Buckley, along with employee Tally Kerr, pose with baby chicks that the store sells. Buckley's recently relocated to 701 W. Colorado.
Westside Pioneer photo

       As before, on-street parking is available in front of the store, but 701 also has off-street parking off Seventh.
       Another plus is having separate classroom space, “so that teachers and students don't have to compete with the noise of the store on a busy day,” Allison said.
       There's also the capability of remodeling for a kitchen, which will allow classes related to food preparation, such as canning, Ed pointed out.
       The business specializes in animal feed and supplies, and equipment/materials for canning, fermenting, beekeeping and making soap or cheese.
       Baby chicks are seasonally available.
       The couple have an urban homestead of their own on the Westside, where they raise chickens and have a large organic garden.
       Buckley's is open Tuesdays to Sundays.
       For more information, call 358-8510 or e-mail

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