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2 break-ins at Bancroft’s historic cabin

       The historic Garvin Cabin in Bancroft Park has suffered two break-ins over the past half-year.

Some of the mess left behind by people who broke into the Garvin Cabin can be seen in this photo taken through one of its newly plexiglassed windows.
Westside Pioneer photo

       Cabin windows were broken, leading Colorado Springs Parks to eventually cover all four of them with protective plexiglass.
       The second break-in, occurring in February, was reported to police after a citizen noticed the cabin's front door standing open.
       The trespassers were unknown, according to police.
       Another mystery was who later screwed a large sheet of plywood over the front door. It was initially thought to have been put up by City Parks, but Parks Maintenance Director Kurt Schroeder denied that was the case.
       Built in 1859 - the year Colorado City was founded - the cabin is the only Westside building left from that era. Still intact, it spent a year at the Colorado Statehouse for the gold-rush centennial of 1959.
       Especially angered by the break-in was the Old Colorado City Historical Society (OCCHS), which has helped fund cabin maintenance, uses it for various events and stores materials there, including (most recently) books, photos, furniture and blankets.
       In the February break-in, authorities believe that trespassers slept overnight in the cabin one or more nights, using the blankets for warmth.
       Schorsch ties the incident to increasing vagrancy. In recent years, the center has had to redo its entrance and landscaping in an effort to stop transients from using those places as bathrooms. “The people that come in to the center say the Westside isn't a place where people want to go anymore,” she said. “And when you go in the park, you get accosted.”
       As for the cabin, the OCCHS was already irritated that the city hadn't fixed its heat or electricity. A new aggravation is that plexiglass is incompatible with the cabin's history. Schrosch said she will be talking with City Parks about these issues.
       Other than a handicapped ramp up to its platform, the cabin is not targeted for upgrades in the Bancroft master plan that was approved by the City Parks Board in May 2017. See article, Page 1.

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