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Our OWN column:
Working through issues of public process

       Submitted by the OWN board

       Hello, fellow Westsiders! We hope your autumn is off to a great start.
       The Organization of Westside Neighbors (OWN) board is staying busy with a couple of projects this season.
       First, we learned that Colorado Springs Traffic Engineering restriped 26th Street after it was repaved, removing all of the parking on one side for several blocks to allow bike lanes.
       In a story by the Westside Pioneer (see below), a city traffic engineer said not enough people were affected to warrant a public process on the topic. We didn't agree, especially because this affects parking for numerous households.
       We contacted Traffic Engineering because even if we couldn't change what has already been done, we wanted to know how to work with them to make public process a priority going forward for our streets.
       According to Traffic Engineering, there are two things that “trigger” a public meeting: capacity and parking. The engineers said they're working on a more formal process for infrastructure projects like this, and we're encouraged by their response. Hopefully, we won't be surprised by such changes in the future.
       You may be aware that the owners of the Cerberus Brew House, 702 W. Colorado Ave. want to add a three-store building at the north end of the site. This would expand their brewing operation and create apartments on the top two floors.
       A public process has started to address neighbor concerns about height and location. This included a preapplication meeting with the neighbors and a city planner in September.
       OWN is interfacing with the concerned parties to find common ground that will allow for a mixed-use neighborhood. We are planning to set another meeting with the residents to discuss their concerns after a revised architectural rendering has been submitted.
       Do you have any questions/thoughts/concerns about these or other topics in your Westside neighborhood? Let us know! Find us on Facebook: Organization of Westside Neighbors.