People in 'glass houses' miss problem

       Kenyon, You are my new hero for the editorial you authored regarding the homeless bums.
       What is wrong with those people who don't see it, understand it or seek to remediate it is that it does not directly affect them as they live in their glass houses.
       I have zero tolerance for the predicaments, addictions, ills, needs or wants of these bums. Our tax dollars pay for their repeated trips to the emergency rooms due to drug overdoses that the very caring people have caused when they gave them money.
       I have lived on the Westside for about a year, and I saw one woman, very overweight, lift up her dress and defecate at the intersection of I-25 and Uintah; after which she pulled her dress back down, picked up her cardboard sign, and resumed her begging for “anything” that will help.
       I have a seen a man and an overweight woman with a child and a very big dog on the corner of Highway 24 and 21st asking for help when I know for a fact that the man was offered a job by a local tradesman that he refused. Neither his wife nor his dog looked as if they had missed many feeds either.
       Kind people: When you give these bums money, they buy alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. They are not hungry for food. They are lazy, entitled, selfish, unsanitary, unhealthy squatters, who are parasites on humanity and who actually choose this lifestyle.
       The State of Colorado is hiring snowplow drivers. The State of Colorado is hiring carpenters, and they will pay you while you go to school to learn the trade; and then they will pay you to be a state employee. Goodwill is hiring in all areas. Wal-mart is hiring in all areas. There are a lot of jobs to be had if you have any initiative to work.
       Don't pity, help, aid or assuage these bums. It only enables them to continue to be parasites upon the hard-working Americans who have themselves made the sacrifice to work to support themselves, their wives, their children and their animals. If you're feeling benevolent, offer one of them a job and see what happens. Then let them camp and defecate in your own backyard.

Jill Blackburn