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Bike lanes replace parking on S. 26th St.

       Bike lanes have been striped along a roughly one-mile segment of South 26th Street that is popular for cyclists.

A southbound cyclist pedals toward the hairpins using the new bike lane on South 26th.
Westside Pioneer photo

       But to fit the lanes in, there had to be a trade-off, city transportation officials explained. Space for at least 30 cars to park along the east side of the street, between Robinson Street and Westend Avenue, are now marked with no-parking signs.
       According to Tim Roberts, a city transportation engineer; and Kate Brady, the city bike planner, all but one of the houses along the north side of the street don't face onto the street - so it seemed logical to dedicate that space for cyclists.
       This perception of non-conflict was also the reason no public meetings were held before the striping changes were made, Roberts explained. “As policy we conduct a public process where capacity or parking is changed. In this case, the amount of parking changed was small enough that we felt a private process would suffice.”
       26th from Colorado Avenue to Gold Camp Road has received city attention over the past two years, including several utility and stormwater upgrades and - under the taxpayer-supported 2C program - concrete work and paving this fall.
       An added expense, by the Pikes Peak Rural Transpor-tation Authority (RTA), was $106,000 to widen one block for a bike lane on the east (northbound) side.
       The highway to Gold Camp, which features steep uphill grades on the southbound side, has long been a bicycling favorite. For example, members of a bike club called Strava report riding it nearly 19,000 times, and their current fastest time is 4 minutes, 13 seconds, the club website states.
       Roberts added that bicycle lanes were not striped going uphill into the hairpin turns, nearly a half-mile south of Westend, because it's too narrow there to fit them in.
       In other 2C news… In late October, city contractors paved the last scheduled Westside street segments this year: 26th Street from Colorado Avenue to Highway 24 and Uintah Street from Mesa Road to 30th Street…
       A separate overlay in October, funded by the RTA, repaved Fillmore Street between Centennial and Chestnut…
       The Westside Pioneer incorrectly reported in the September-October edition that a segment of 21st Street south of Highway 24 had been paved before September. That was due to a misreading of city information; the paving was done in September.

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