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Uintah, 21st added to 2C paving list for 2017

       Two Westside street segments have been added to the seven already scheduled for paving this summer under the city's 2C “road tax” program.

Concrete work precedes paving in the 1000 block of South 21st Street.
Westside Pioneer photo

       They are Uintah Street between Mesa Road and 30th Street and 21st Street between Broadway and Highway 24.
  • Uintah - According to Dave Scalfri, City Public Works' operations manager for contracted programs, the decision was due in part to Colorado Springs Utilities needing to make system improvements along a portion of that segment this year, so it it's logical to schedule the paving work after that.
           Also, the Mesa-to-30th section is close to readiness for paving, in terms of the necessary concrete upgrades (curb, gutter and sidewalk). City contractors started on the concrete element last year, and additional concrete work occurred this spring.
  • 21st - Unlike Uintah, the 21st Street portion is not newly scheduled. It's part of a 2C segment on which a contractor started the paving work in 2016, moving north down 21st from Lower Gold Camp Road. Crews got as far as Broadway, then stopped for the year because of a storm-pipe issue. That repair work started up again in March.
           Here are the other Westside 2C projects scheduled this summer:
  • 26th Street from Cimarron Street to Colorado Avenue.
  • 26th Street from Cimarron Street to Lower Gold Camp Road.
  • Bear Creek Road from Bear Creek Place to Gold Camp Road.
  • Bear Creek Road from Bear Creek Place to Lower Gold Camp Road.
  • Lower Gold Camp Road from 21st Street to 26th Street.
  • King Street from 30th Street to 19th Street.
  • Naegele Boulevard from 21st Street to 25th Street bridge.
           Note that the scheduling is subject to change, due to weather, emergencies or other reasons. For example, the Naegele segment (like 21st) had been originally slated for 2016.
           2C was the title of the city ballot issue that voters approved in 2015, which implemented a .62-percent sales tax for road improvements from 2016 to 2020.
           Among those streets are about 35 on the Westside.

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