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Taste of OCC April 30 in Bancroft

       Going into its fifth year as a fundraiser for Old Colorado City improvements, the April 30 Taste of OCC will feature its traditional live music, food and drink in Bancroft Park.

At the 2016 Taste of OCC, Dave Van Ness and Julie Fabrizio of the Old Colorado City Foundation (OCCF) man a sales booth. Going into its fifth year, the event has helped raise $30,000 toward a Bancroft bandshell addition that would include modern restrooms.
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       Tickets are $30 a person and available at tasteofocc.com.
       The event is produced by the Old Colorado City Foundation (OCCF), a non-profit foundation that has already raised about $30,000 to help City Parks build modern Bancroft Park restrooms.
       Making Taste of OCC possible are donations of food and drink (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) from numerous business owners in the community.
       One change for this year's Taste is the need to rent a “smaller stage or platform for the band,” according to OCCF organizer Lauren Ripko. That's due to City Parks having boarded up the Bancroft bandshell in the wake of the Jan. 27 fire.
       “We will be adjusting the layout since the bandshell isn't available,” Ripko said.

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