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Our OWN column:
After Bancroft fire: Share suspicions with police

       By Welling Clark
       President, Organization of Westside Neighbors (OWN)

       Our Westside has recently experienced human-set fires in our neighborhood and in Bancroft Park. If you see something unusual, strange or that doesn't seem “right,” please report it to the CSPD.
       Police officers plan their daily patrol routes upon suspicious activity. So if you want more patrolling in your area, call in suspicious activity. We residents are the eyes and ears for our first responders.
       Farewell, Westsider
       Joel Beck, a Westsider and former OWN board member, recently passed away at age 70. Always ready with a smile, Joel helped make the Westside a better place to live, using his knowledge of construction to provide oversight on city and construction engineers; ensuring they compacted soils and built to code properly. Farewell, friend and thank you for helping out the neighborhood.
       Robbin Place
       OWN is assisting Westside residents in addressing a development proposal at 543 Robbin Place that appears to be incompatible with the older neighborhood around it and with the 1980 Westside Plan (which passed as an ordinance). Issues include the planned size (three 3-story duplexes), the slope (20 to 50 degrees in steepness) and the use of an alley for primary access. Also, at 12 feet, the alley is narrower than the normal 20-ft width required by the Fire Department.
       A step in working out a solution was a neighborhood meeting in January with City Planner Michael Turisk, developer Paul Rising and his project consultants.
       West Colorado lane reduction proposal
       Several years ago, property/business owners in Old Colorado City proposed reducing the number of lanes through Old Colorado City from four lanes to two. Their goal is to slow traffic and put in diagonal parking. Considering the idea, City Traffic Engineering decided to add bicycle lanes to the plan.
       In October 2016, OWN submitted 27 questions about this proposal. About a month after that, City Traffic Engineering hired the Kimley-Horn consulting firm to study potential Colorado Avenue upgrades between 31st and 21st streets (which might include two-lane traffic and bike lanes).
       City staff has assured OWN that the study will include a valid public process and necking down of traffic lanes will not occur if the neighborhood opposes it.