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Median-safety law passes council

       Colorado Springs street crews are erecting “Unlawful to Occupy Median” signs at intersections identified as dangerous because of narrowness and vehicle speeds.
       The installations are in accordance with City Council's median-safety ordinance, which is expected to reduce panhandling, even though the law doesn't use that term. Signs started going up in mid-February.
       Among the first 17 sites are two on the Westside:
       - 31st Street between Colorado Avenue and Highway 24.
       - Chestnut Street and Garden of the Gods Road.
       The law identifies dangerous medians as those less than 4 feet wide on streets with speed limits of 30 mph or more.
       A median must have an “Unlawful” sign posted before police can cite a violator. Fines are up to $500. However, the ordinance stipulates no jail time.
       The signs started going up after council voted final approval of the ordinance in February after a public hearing in January.
       Median panhandling spread due to court rulings that it was free speech.

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