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EDITORíS DESK: The good, the bad and the election

       The Westside has had a lot going on of late... some of it good, some not so much.
       Atop the naughty list is the Bancroft Park bandshell fire. Dismay over that can run in multiple directions. What was somebody doing setting a fire on the stage at 3 in the morning? I know, we can guess - some transient wanted to keep warm. Well, hello - there is plenty of space at the Salvation Army shelter. Oh, you think its rules are too strict, Candidate Skorman? Well, how about the Golden Rule, and the bandshell fire perpetrator(s) confessing to the crime?
       Continuing on Bancroft, why did City Parks wait a month to have the damage analyzed? Why was their first reaction to call event promoters and tell them to forget about the bandshell this summer? Then to not communicate with Old Colorado City leaders on what was happening? As Julie Fabrizio commented, "They don't get how personal the park is to all of us."
       At least City Councilmembers are finally taking an interest. We'll see how well they navigate past City Parks' excuses.
       On the plus side of the Westside ledger, the Westside Avenue Action Plan (WAAP) is under way. It's been a long time coming for that part of Colorado/Manitou Avenue.
       Also positive: Look at our photo on Page 9 of this edition, then imagine it a year from now, with an attractively stabilized Fountain Creek and, next to it, a new, congestion-reducing shortcut road that Cimarron/I-25 contractor Kraemer North America will have built between Cimarron and Eighth (to also line up with La Casita's shopping center access). Sounds nice, huh?
       An election's coming up! Let me caveat my comment a few paragraphs ago, related to District 3 council candidate Richard Skorman. I like the man. He's got the community's interest at heart. But if you read his answers to our questions (Page 4), you can tell that he's part of a political realm that sees solutions in more and more taxes. Sorry.
       One more tally for the good side of the ledger: Don Knight is running for re-election in Council District 1. He always has the Westside's back, and he's there for us again on Bancroft.

- K.J.