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Brewpub that legalized dining out with dogs about to open

       The long-awaited Pub Dog restaurant is under construction at 2213 Bott Ave. and slated to open in late April.

Tara Downs stands outside the Pub Dog building, which is being readied for a late-April opening.
Westside Pioneer photo

       Designed as a brewpub, it will be the first restaurant in Colorado to legally allow people to dine out with their dogs, according to project developer Scott Downs and his daughter Tara Downs.
       She's the business owner and manager, who's run a restaurant downtown for several years.
       The Pub Dog fare will include sandwiches, salads and individual pizzas - but no food cooked in a fryer - and a full bar with wine and local craft beers.
       Anyone will be welcome. People without dogs (or with service dogs) can choose the non-canine side, which has seating for up to 50.
       The canine side will have seating for 34; it also will open out to a 60-seat patio with a large fenced-in area on the back side of the property, where dogs can run around. That area's surface will look like grass but is actually a manufactured material called “K9” that's comfortable for dogs and easy to keep clean, according to the Downses.
       Tara estimated that her work force will number about 20 people.
       The Bott Avenue location was chosen largely for geographical reasons. The Westside is known to have plenty of dogs, and the El Paso County Dog Park and Red Rock Canyon Open Space are relatively nearby. The Pub Dog expectation is that people might want to drop in at a dog-friendly restaurant after taking their “best friends” on a romp.
       Developing the plan about four years ago, Tara and Scott convinced the Colorado Health Depart-ment to change its requirements to make the restaurant possible (mainly by dividing restaurant sides and ensuring that servers and dogs do not interface).
       Father/daughter also met with more than 20 property owners in the mixed-use neighborhood to gain their support, and the city approved the site zoning change without opposition.

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