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Centennial reconstruction project aims at late October

       Paving on the $9 million Centennial Boulevard reconstruction project started up again in late June and will continue in different segments through the end of October.

A view looking north shows the back end of a truck that delivered the pavement, the machine that spreads it and several workers just north of Chesham Circle in the Centennial Boulevard reconstruction project. The asphalt is being poured in multiple "lifts" that will eventually provide a driving surface eight inches thick.
Westside Pioneer photo

       The overall Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority project - between Garden of the Gods Road and Fillmore Street - is scheduled for completion by the end of October,
       The initial paving this summer by the contractor, Kiewit Infrastructure Co., is focusing on the northbound lanes between Garden of the Gods Road and Windmill Drive. This will be followed in the weeks ahead by these segments:
       - Southbound Centennial from Chesham to Windmill. This is part of the older section (over a quarter century) near Holland Park that's had issues with shallow utility locations and bad soils, according to project manager Ryan Phipps of Colorado Springs Transportation.
       - Windmill to Fillmore Street, which was built more recently and will not need grading, Phipps said.
       During the work, traffic is reduced to two lanes (one each way).
       In addition to new pavement, the reconstruction includes the following upgrades (quotes excerpted from the project website):
       - Crowning the road enough to make stormwater flow to the sides, where “new curb, gutter and drainage features” are being built to handle the runoff.
       - New medians with landscaping north of Chesham Circle and between Windmill Avenue to give the neighborhood a “gateway feature.”
       - Removal of previous medians between Chesham and Windmill, which have prevented “direct access” to Centennial; and in the commercial area north of Fillmore, where they have limited traffic flow.
       Paved in the fall of 2016 was the segment of GoG to Chesham (southbound side).

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