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Volunteer opportunities at Waldo, Garden

       Volunteer preservation opportunities exist in May and June for the Garden of the Gods and the burn area from the 2012 Waldo Canyon Fire.
       The workdays are led by the Rocky Mountain Field Institute (RMFI), a Westside-based nonprofit outdoors organization.
       This year's Garden target area will be the “open grasslands of the multi-use east side [which] is prime grazing land for bighorn sheep and habitat for a wide array of other local wildlife,” according to the RMFI website. Work will “focus on social trail closure and restoration, soil stabilization, gully and bare area restoration, seeding and planting,” adds a press release from RMFI spokesperson Molly Mazel.
       In Waldo Canyon, “plenty of work remains to stabilize these slopes that continue to pose flash flood risks to our community below,” the RMFI website states. The workdays will be in the “upper reaches of Waldo Canyon, building stabilization structures and assisting the revegetation process.”
       The following is a chronological listing (subject to change) of upcoming project days. “WC” stands for Waldo Canyon, “G” for Garden of the Gods. Advance signups are necessary in all cases at 471-7736 or molly@rmfi.org.
       May 15 (WC); May 20 (WC); May 21 (WC); May 22 (WC); May 23 (G); May 24 (G); May 28 (G); May 30 (G); May 31 (G); June 13 (G); June 14 (G - youth day/afternoon); June 20 (G); June 21 (G); June 27 (G); June 28 (G).

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