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Our OWN column:
Avenue Task Force, OWN stay active

       By Welling Clark
       President, Organization of Westside Neighbors (OWN)

The Avenue Task Force (ATF), a group of community, government and business leaders on the Westside, kicked off a “Donate to Charities that help … not Professional Panhandlers” video on YouTube. The link to the video is https://youtu.be/rZGbUZCirQg. (Note: The period after the “u” is not a typo.)

An application has been submitted to the City Clerk's Office to put a medical marijuana dispensary at 2419 W. Colorado Ave. (left). A current dispensary by the same company, with bars on the windows and doors (right), operates in a shopping center near Austin Bluffs and Academy.
Westside Pioneer photo

       The ATF (a citizen driven effort) was formed to influence policy decision-making and law enforcement in an area known as “The Avenue,” aka “No Man's Land.” The ATF's mission is to protect our area's economic vitality and tourism corridors. It is composed of elected officials, senior public safety staff (fire/rescue and law enforcement), businesses, and residents. About 95 to 99 percent of the money given to professional panhandlers goes to purchase drugs and alcohol.
       “It's OK to Say No” signs going up on the Westside
       Westsiders will soon see signs going up around the Red Rock shopping center and Old Colorado City area. The signs are to discourage the giving of money to the professional panhandlers in the area. If you truly wish to help someone, donate to charities that help… not professional panhandlers.
       The goal is to help people get off the street and into a better life and to make this a better community for all of us. See the Westside Pioneer article on this subject, starting on Page 1 and continuing onto this page.
       Welcome new OWN 2015 board and officers (elected at the town hall March 12).
  • OFFICERS: President Welling Clark, Vice president Mary Gallivan, Secretary Jim Thompson and Treasurer Terry Brunette.
  • FULL BOARD (in parentheses - the year that the seat is up for election):
           Area 1, Chad White (2016); Area 2, Open (2018); Area 3, Mary Gallivan (2017); Area 4, Open (2018); Area 5, Welling Clark (2017); Area 6, Terry Brunette (2016); At-Large 1, Linda Schlarb (2016); At-Large 2, Bonnie Lapora (2018); At-Large 3, Jim Thompson (2017).
           Interested in forming a Neighborhood Watch?
           Neighborhood Watch is a voluntary program whose goals are for citizens to make themselves and their homes less vulnerable to crime and to increase cooperation between citizens and law enforcement to make their communities safer.
           The Neighborhood Watch members would need to observe, communicate and focus on security...
  • Observation of their surroundings, keeping an eye out for their property as well as their neighbors since they are the best experts on what is normal and acceptable for their neighborhood.
  • Communication with the Police Department on crimes and suspicious activities at 444-7000 or 911 in an emergency, then communicate with their neighbors.
  • Security of homes by assessing and possibly upgrading physical security measures, lighting and other features to create the safest environment possible.
           For more information please contact CSPD Crime Prevention Officer Sid Santos at 385-2117 or at santosis@ci.colospgs.co.us.

    Westside Pioneer article