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Cimarron/I-25 contractor to host open house May 26 at City Aud


An artist's rendering shows the state's design concept for the new interchange Cimarron/I-25, looking west. Kraemer/TSH, the project contractor, will host a May 26 open house to explain updates, including a planned, new connection around Eighth and Cimarron streets.
Courtesy of Colorado Department of Transportation
With the $116.1 million Cimarron/I-25 interchange project getting started in April, the contractor team of Kraemer/TSH has scheduled an open house and presentation Tuesday, May 26 to explain how the work is being handled.
       The session will be from 5 to 7 p.m. at the City Auditorium downtown. Before and after a formal presentation starting at 5:30, there should be “ample opportunity for the public to visit various information stations [and] meet and ask questions of the project team,” according to Kraemer/TSH spokesperson Jimmy Luthye.
       Scheduled for completion in December 2017, the project will build a new interchange and ramps, along with a westward freeway realignment starting about a quarter-mile to the south. The contractor was hired by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT).
       A recent addition to the project plan, suggested by Kraemer/TSH, is to build a new road connection through CDOT-owned land southeast of Eighth and Cimarron, which is intended to relieve traffic at that intersection. The link at Eighth is to line up with a stoplight at the currently difficult Colorado Place shopping center exit, while the Cimarron connection will be west of the freeway.
       One of the open-house information stations will provide more details, Luthye said.
       “There have been a few other requested elements that we will discuss in detail at the meeting as well,” he elaborated, “but I would say that this creative connection, or 'quadrant intersection,' is the most significant addition to the plans presented last June [in a public meeting hosted by CDOT, also at City Auditorium].”
       Luthye clarified that although public comments, questions and concerns are welcomed, “the time for input on any design or project-specific elements has passed. That input was incorporated into the project RFP [request for proposals] and has been addressed in the Kraemer proposal.”
       Edward Kraemer & Sons, Inc., (Kraemer) is a century-old highway construction company from Wisconsin.
       Tsiouvaras Simmons Holderness (TSH) is a Colorado engineering design firm.
       Early work on the project has included removing trees and other large vegetation west of I-25 and south of Cimarron, clearing the area into which that part of the interstate will be realigned.

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