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Uintah Bluffs waits to build; Gold Hill Mesa, Mainstreet/
Ensign projects well under way

       Construction is going strong this spring on new homes and roads at Gold Hill Mesa and on the Mainstreet/Ensign care facility across from Coronado High School.

In a view that won't last long, glimpses of Coronado High (its marquee along Fillmore Street and the school sign on the auditorium) can be seen through the framing as construction workers with the Mainstreet Company build the future Ensign transitional care and assisted living facility on 7.6 acres south of Fillmore. Completion is expected in January. Access will be from Vista Grande Circle.
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       Meanwhile, a third major Westside land project that was to break ground this spring - the 13-acre Uintah Bluffs - has been put off until late summer. Developer Matt Craddock said the delay is just to be on the safe side because of the various technical issues involved with the hilltop site above Bristol Elementary. “We just want to get our i's dotted and t's crossed,” he said. “Also, our utility plans aren't finished yet. Once that's settled, we'll be ready to rock and roll.”
       As platted, Uintah Bluffs will be mostly open space with a concentration of 31 single-family homes on the west and north parts of the property.
       At Gold Hill Mesa, Construction started this spring on homes in the 41-unit Filing 4; also, the development's ownership group has submitted plans to the city for the 46-unit Filing 5.
       The filings are side by side, separated by Ironclad Lane, off 21st Street and Lower Gold Camp Road. Filing 4 has 27 single-family homes and 14 multi-family (attached homes). Filing 5 is to have 8 single-family and 38 multi-family.
       Those 38 will be grouped at the intersection itself (the northeast corner of Lower Gold Camp and 21st). The Filing 5 plan is to build “higher quality” townhomes that could feature an “unobstructed view” of the mountains, according to Bob Willard, a member of the Gold Hill ownership group.
       A traffic feature of Filing 5 will be a new connection to 21st Street, via Eclipse Drive. It will line up there with Skyview Lane, which currently makes a T-intersection at 21st next to Bloom's Mill Hill Saloon.
       Under construction for nine years, Gold Hill now has closings on about 250 homes, its owners say.
       At the Mainstreet location, construction is well under way for the 84,000-square-foot, two-story building on a 7.6-acre site south of Fillmore Street (across from Coronado High). The facility - to be run by the Ensign Group, which offers similar services in several states - will provide “transitional care (short-stay rehabilitation and therapy) and assisted living,” according to a Mainstreet spokesperson.
       Bruce Boyd, the construction site supervisor, said the target for completion is the end of January 2016. He said the facility's structure will be similar to, but somewhat bigger than, 22 others he's built for Mainstreet around the country.
       The only anticipated effect on Fillmore traffic will be Colorado Springs Utilities digging a utility connection under the street.
       Landscaping will include 116 trees and 400 plantings in all, Boyd said.

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