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Uintah Bluffs nears construction after 9 years planning

       Nine years after his initial submittal to the city, Uintah Bluffs subdivision developer Matt Craddock of Craddock Companies hopes to have construction starting this spring, with “houses to show by the end of summer.”
       Colorado Springs City Council gave final approval last fall to the development's plans for 31 single-family homes on the 13-acre hilltop plateau south of Uintah Street and east of Manitou Boulevard.
       Craddock said in a recent interview that he has a contract with Adamo Homes of Castle Rock to design and build the Uintah Bluffs homes.
       Four different ranch-home designs, including styles with two to four bedrooms, are shown on the Adamo website.
       “We're very excited to work with them,” Craddock said. He predicted that the price range would be between $300,000 and $400,000.
       The main goal, Craddock said, is to have “more of a neighborhood or community rather than a straight-up subdivision. It will be more like a little enclave back there.”
       Deciding on a viable plan for the property has been complicated over the years by various factors, including street access (it had none to begin with), steep terrain (it's in a hillside overlay zone) and drainage control (a stormwater detention pond will be needed in the southeasterly, lowest part of the site).
       The homes will be constructed around a single road, Uintah Bluffs Place - which itself needs to be built - connecting from Manitou Boulevard. Ending at a cul de sac, the road will curve through the west/northwest/north part of the site - an area selected because it would require the least amount of earth movement. Also, according to project information, less than 20 percent of the property will be actually built on.